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Collaborate with other security researchers interested in bug bounties & security research

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What is BugBountyNotes?

Created by @zseano, for the community.

A platform designed to help security researchers easily collaborate with each other.

Collaborating with other researchers is key when working on tricky bugs, or even if you're new and just need some pointers. BugBountyNotes is designed to be a meeting point for bug bounties and security research for both new and old users. Join our forum, seek help from other researchers, or spend the afternoon learning how to bypass filters.

Welcome to BugBountyNotes! :) - Sean

  • Collaborate with other researchers

    Share issues privately or publicly and receive insight from other researchers. Work together on tricky bugs and help each other.
  • A community for everyone

    New or old school, we are a community for everyone. Join our forum and browse around!
  • Grow as a hacker

    Explore BugBountyNotes and get lost in a treasure trove of information relating to bug bounties and security research

Grow as a researcher

With a treasure trove of information ranging from tools, hacker AMA & interviews, disclosed reports, payload feed, to even searching HackerOne reports, you're bound to learn something new!

Collaborate & earn together

Found an interesting bug but can't quite get it to work? Invite others to help via the forum, or add your name to the collaboration list and offer to split bounty payments using HackerOne's Collaboration feature!

Privacy First

Respect everyone. We have a strict policy on not revealing sensitive information when posting public content. See our TOS here.

Inspired by HackerOne live events

After attending H1-3120 hosted by HackerOne, I returned home feeling extremely motivated, as i'm sure many others do as well! When looking for bugs at this event I had the privilege of hacking across the table from Ben Sadeghipour (@nahamsec). I explained to Ben that I had a weird edge-case that I couldn't quite get my head around and could I get his input. From there a series of events unfolded that enabled me to connect with another researcher, Ansgar Pfeifer (@apfeifer27), which resulted in me being able to make the bug work. Being there together and being able to collaborate together is extremely useful.

This is why I have created BugBountyNotes.com. I want to be able to give people a place to discuss & share information regarding bug research (no matter how big or small) and enable researchers to invite others to help (and even split bounties!). Sharing is caring, and so is helping others. :) - Sean