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Learn to hack with custom made challenges, train to triage and understand incoming submissions, collaborate with like-minded researchers around the world or dive through a treasure trove of researcher writeups, tutorials & disclosed issues! New or experienced, researcher, developer or analyst, welcome!

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Learn to hack with community created challenges

New or experienced, test your skills against custom made challenges from other researchers. Learn new techniques and bypasses and get into the mind of a hacker. With a variety of challenges designed to teach you a broad amount of bug types there is something for everyone.

Our platform puts you in the driver seat by enabling you to create & manage your own challenges. This brings with it many benefits such as:

  • Engage with researchers 1 on 1
  • Test for potential invitees to your bugbounty program
  • Practise as an analyst for incoming submissions
  • Share your knowledge & expertise
  • Test the skills of your fellow researchers!

Not a coder or just simply a researcher wanting to practise a certain bug type? Then take advantage of our feature which lets you suggest a challenge idea for others to create for you to practise on. Share it privately or publicly, you're in control. Learn what you want to learn.

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A treasure-trove of security related content

A good bug comes with a good writeup. Take advantage of our new write-up feature which puts you in the driver seat and allows you to collaborate with other researchers on your writeups and easily share them with others. Not only this but attach a challenge to your writeup (or request it's made!) and get researchers involved and let them put their learning to the test. Our write-up feature comes with the following feeds:

  •   Researcher Writeups — Bugbounty & security related writeups from the community
  •   Tutorials — Custom tutorials from the community on various hacking topics

We are desktop, mobile and iPad friendly so why not spend an afternoon reading up on interesting bugs or learning how to bypass a certain filter and then bookmark it to come back to later!

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Over 1000 members, a community awaits you.

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Tweet tweet, anyone there? Jump right into a thriving community of security researchers and cut through the noise and find the information you want from the people you want to hear from.

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All your work, in one place. Connect your platform accounts and bring your bugbounty activity into one easy to search place as well as being able to track your activity across challenges.

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Visit our site on your mobile device and stay engaged on the move with our feed of everything bugbounties as well as being able to bookmark bugs to come back to