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A platform designed for the community, by the community. Browse and digest researcher tutorials, guides, writeups and then apply that knowledge on recreated bugbounty scenarios. Prove your skill in the training section and tackle challenges created by researchers from the community.

Training to be a hacker

New or experienced, test your skills against custom made challenges from other researchers. Learn new techniques and bypasses and get into the mind of a hacker. With a variety of challenges designed to teach you a broad amount of bug types there is something for everyone.

Interested in submitting your own challenge? Then our platform puts you in the driver seat by enabling you to easily create & manage your own challenges.

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NEW! Hacker Mentoring

We understand that even if all the information is infront of you it can still be quite daunting to digest it all and understand what it means. To combat confusion and help your learning experience we've introduced a live YouTube series which brings together hackers across the world to learn and hack together with an experienced hacker as your mentor.

View our available sessions below and be sure to subscribe!

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In the mindset of a hacker

Jump into our treasure trove of security related content and get into the mindset of your fellow hackers. Explore their disclosed issues and custom writeups, give their challenges a try, or even reach out for help.

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