Your Mentor



Welcome to FastFoodHackings!

Thanks for attending the first ever live mentoring session with zseano. Below you can find information related to this session and where to start hacking.


  • No automated tools to be used on main site AT ALL.
  • Do NOT test for rate limiting bugs.
  • You do not need to scan for subdomains/files/directories so don't waste your time or our bandwith.

Challenge Goal

In this session we will be hacking against a custom made live website called, FastFoodHackings. There are a variety of bugs to be found, can you find them all? Since this is our first hands on hacking, do not think too deep and complicate things. I can tell you, there is no SSRF/RCE/LFI etc.
You can view the contents of this mentoring session by clicking the "Live Stream" tab.