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I am a passionate Web Application Security Researcher. Love to play with Web application and Network devices. I am active bug bounty hunter over years. Always want to learn new things. Very much interested in automation and networking. Apart from Web application testing, I am currently focused on Radiofrequency testing and developing OSINT & Recon scanner

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Command injection in 'pdf-image'

Disclosed by defmax on Nodejs-ecosystem on 2018-05-29

Limited CSRF bypass.

Disclosed by defmax on Hackerone on 2015-12-02

profile photo update bypass

Disclosed by defmax on Vimeo on 2015-02-17

Buying ondemand videos that 0.1 and sometimes for free

Disclosed by defmax on Vimeo on 2015-02-13

xss in /browse/contacts/

Disclosed by defmax on Openfolio on 2015-01-14

CSRF in crashlytics.com

Disclosed by defmax on Twitter on 2014-09-08

CSRF to Account Take Over Bug

Disclosed by defmax on Irccloud on 2014-09-08