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Easy A properly secured parameter

We recently learned that the message parameter on this page was vulnerable to XSS. While we couldn't afford changing this page, we configured our WAF to prevent exploitation. So it's all fine now,...
Category: Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Completed on 31-10-2018

Easy/medium Can you bypass the Open URL redirect filter?

Try not to overthink this one. Even though a website sometimes tell you how a function SHOULD function, sometimes it doesn't always do that. Look at what request is being sent, and can anything be...
Category: openurl
Completed on 31-10-2018

Easy/medium Our redirect blacklist is top-notch, right?

We built a secure redirect system, to redirect from our website to our application. There is not a way to bypass this, right?
Category: Open URL Redirect
Completed on 31-10-2018