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Hard Try out my Screenshotter.PRO browser extension!

Did you know that a browser extension to capture websites can be written with little to no knowledge? I've done it and it works great! By the way, maybe you could help me with a serious problem....
Category: Misc / Application Logic
Completed on 13-04-2019

Medium Can you get the flag from this browser extension?

This is a convenient extension, storing the logins you use on various webpages and offering them to you on next visit so that you don't have to retype. It also doubles as a flag storage, websites...
Category: Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Completed on 10-04-2019

Hard Can you trick this browser extension into revealing its data?

This tiny browser extension is the keeper of a well-hidden secret. We would like to access it from our website, but the extension will only give it to mycompany.invalid which we don't own. Can you...
Category: Misc / Application Logic
Completed on 06-04-2019