environment variable leakage in error reporting
Discovered by mcollina on Nodejs-ecosystem

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I would like to report the leak of environment variables in https://github.com/senecajs/seneca It make a user indavertely leak private credentials (such as AWS keys) to public spaces.


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Module Description

A Node.js toolkit for Microservice architectures

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1711 downloads in the last day 7199 downloads in the last week 29241 downloads in the last month


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When a process using Seneca crashes, it prints out all of its environment variables. These are typically picked up by log monitoring system, and they might end up in less secured placed. As a result, it can end up in public bug reports, such as https://github.com/senecajs/seneca-transport/issues/88.

Steps To Reproduce:

var seneca = require('seneca')()


diff --git a/lib/common.js b/lib/common.js
index ef3e398..e992cd6 100644
--- a/lib/common.js
+++ b/lib/common.js
@@ -339,10 +339,7 @@ exports.makedie = function(instance, ctxt) {
         process.arch +
         ', platform=' +
         process.platform +
-        (!full ? '' : ', path=' + process.execPath) +
-        ', argv=' +
-        Util.inspect(process.argv).replace(//g, '') +
-        (!full ? '' : ', env=' + Util.inspect(process.env).replace(//g, ''))
+        (!full ? '' : ', path=' + process.execPath)

       var when = new Date()

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Access to cloud accounts. I got a 55$ bill out of this.